Joy Within Reach

Joy Within Reach

Joy Within Reach 6-month Program

You’re successful. You’ve reached our professional goals, or on track to reach them.
Everyone wants to be you. From the outside, your life looks incredible. People look at you and say, “Wow, she has an amazing life. She’s got it all.”

On the inside, something else is going on for you… a hollow feeling, like something is missing. And at the same time, a voice in your head saying you should be grateful for everything you have. You might even be feeling guilty, ashamed that you aren’t completely satisfied with your life.

You may be engaged in what I call “autopilot adulting”, going through the motions of a routine and predictable daily life meanwhile devoid of the luscious passion and vibrant energy, feeling flat inside. Something’s missing and maybe you’re not sure what it is. You’ve realized that outward success doesn’t always coincide with inward success, a deeper fulfillment that’s real, that’s sustainable, that’s foundational to a richly satisfying and joyous life.

The good news is you have a choice. You can go about your life and stay still, stay safe in the known world of what you’ve created, or you can make a different choice. You can choose to disrupt your status quo enough to free up space, space to find yourself again.

Joy Within Reach™

The Disruptive Choice

What is Joy Within Reach™?

It is possible to rediscover what lights you up, reconnect with your signature “joie de vivre”, revive your passion, reignite that inner spark, reclaim yourself and what truly matters to you, rekindle your untapped vitality, restructure your life.

Access joy – your authentic, deep joyful fulfillment is through your senses. The Joy Within Reach (JWR) program will take you on a journey which integrates and aligns your heart and mind, your deepest desires with your intentions and actions to rebirth your whole best self. My belief that this recalibration process is best served by leveraging your senses to shift out of the mind and into the heart. Access to your heart is through your senses, in a delightful way. This process I call a “heartset” shift, honoring who you came here to be and live the most elevated, no apologies joyous life.

Along the way, you may encounter resistance. JWR will help you navigate a path forward, to acknowledge the resistance and conquer the “I can’t do that”, “It’s too late in my career to do that”, “I shouldn’t do that”, “What will people think?”, “If I do, it will (fill in the blank) – wreck my relationship, put me in a financial bind, take too much energy, not be worth it…

In this 6-month long program, my promise is that you’ll get the traction you need with support to identify what matters, to garner momentum and propel forward in alignment.

What Problems Does Joy Within Reach™ Solve?

Crystals have been revered and used since the beginning of civilization, spanning cultures and spiritual practices. Each Joy in a Box™ “season” bracelet has crHow many times have you tried to make shifts or changes in your life and they don’t stick? Joy Within Reach is designed to provide clarity, space, and support along your journey to lasting joy and deeper, sustainable fulfillment.
ystals and stones that promote joy, and also match the seasonal coloring palette, as outlined below:

Winter: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise – joy, Amethyst – protection, purification, Divine
connection, Lapis – inner vision, truthful communication, royal virtues, Riverstone –
accelerates energy and change

Spring: Amazonite and Topaz – joy, Agate – stabilizing, strengthening, Riverstone –
accelerates energy and change, Fluorite – mental enhancement and clarity, improved
decision making

Summer: Dumortierite and Tourmaline – joy, Kyanite – inner bridges, psychic ability,
connecting with nature, empathy, Rose Quartz – love, gentleness, emotional healing, release
of stress, clearing of energies

Autumn: Fire Agate and Tourmaline – joy, Carnelian – courage, vitality, confidence, action

What You’ll Get with the Joy Within Reach Program™

  • Reconnect with what really matters to you.
  • Remember and connect with who you are, not who you think you should be.
  • Greater clarity.
  • Alignment and deployment of both your “heart sense” and “head sense”.
  • Identify the where to from here (tweak your current role, make some adjustments in your personal life, or make some sweeping changes you’ve sensed you’ve needed to do).
  • Reclaim your dreams, if that’s what you want.
  • Craft a plan.
  • Refresh your momentum in an inspired direction.
  • Make clear, aligned choices for change.
  • Have lots of fun along the way.
  • Curriculum, tools, support, including the JWR Joy Scorecard and JWR Joy Playbook.
  • Arrive at a deeper sense of fulfillment, whatever that is for you and wherever it is for you in what every area of your life you choose.
  • Look back and not have to say, “I wished I had…”.

Joy Within Reach Silver Program Components

6 Mastermind Meetings
6 Inspirational Interviews
6 Coaching Circles
6 Open Q & A Sessions
Lifetime Membership to Private Client Circle

Joy Within Reach™

Level Up with Gold

The Gold Level includes all components mentioned above plus 5 individual, tailored, focused 1-hour coaching sessions with me over the length of the program plus a Joie de Vivre Weekend Rejuvenation Getaway Retreat.

Joie de Vivre Weekend Rejuvenation Getaway Retreat

If you’ve never worked with a professional coach before, here’s a bit of information to inform your decision.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a dynamic process that helps you move from point A (where you are) to point B (where you want to be) according to your specific goals. As your champion and thinking partner, a coach “holds the space” for confidential conversations, poses questions to open new perspectives that help you access different possibilities and solutions, and helps you create a plan of action to move forward. The coach walks beside you long the path, identifying and reaching the mile markers along the way.

Although there is reflection, coaching does not dwell on the past and it’s not therapy. The past may inform the present, but it does not define the future. On the contrary, coaching offers the opportunity to pause, reflect, shift perspectives, and access new possibilities and solutions.

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

The benefits of life coaching can range from being able to handle specific situations as they arise with ease to experiencing truly lifechanging and transformative results. Each client has different personal goals, and the relationship between a coach and client is important for ultimate success.

According to the Leadership Coaching Lab, here are a few of the benefits of coaching:

~ Increased confidence and clarity
~ Enhanced learning
~ The opportunity to tailor goals
~ Improved relationships and communication skills
~ Increased productivity & goal achievement
~ Stress reduction and better coping strategies
~ Increased motivation and engagement
~ Stronger emotional intelligence
~ More creative problem-solving skills

Since you set the goals during the process, you control the decision-making process. People who are autonomously motivated pursue actions that are of interest to them (Moore, et al., 2016). They view the actions as important. Behavior change happens when the client experiences greater autonomous motivation. Moore and colleagues (2016) cite five benefits originally identified by Deci’s (2013) presentation:

  • Positive behavior changes last longer.
  • Increased creativity and flexibility.
  • Improved performance.
  • Making changes is enjoyable.
  • Health and personal relationships improve.

Burt & Talati (2017) conducted a meta-analysis to assess the relationship between interventions and outcomes. Their review revealed significant positive effects in five areas: self-regulation, change in attitude, better coping, performance, and well-being.

Joy Within Reach™

Max It Out with Platinum

The Platinum Level includes all components of the Gold Joy Within Reach level mentioned above plus 4 individual, tailored, focused 1-hour coaching sessions with me using EVOX over the length of the program.

EVOX: A Tool That Can Shift Limiting Beliefs More Quickly

Neuroscience research shows that when we sleep, our nervous system moves emotions from short-term into long-term memory. But when negative emotions are associated with a memory, they remain in our short-term creating emotional “triggers”. These “triggers” drive our choices, our actions, our thoughts without us even knowing, creating the same or similar outcomes even when we know better.

EVOX identifies past experiences in memory that are influencing undesired present circumstances and allows us to reframe these past experiences. Using proven technology, EVOX can more efficiently and more quickly process the release and reframing of the “triggers” that keep us stuck in repetitive patterns, beliefs, stories, perceptions, and reactions that don’t serve our goals (both professionally and personally).

The bottom line is using EVOX in combination with coaching can help you get the results your after faster.

EVOX applied in coaching can be used both in-person and remotely.

Reina is a certified EVOX practitioner.

Joy Within Reach™

Reassess. Recalibrate.. Revive.


Group Participation

Enjoy a six-month-long membership in a supportive community of women to help you shift from feeling lost, stuck or numb to feeling a renewed zest for life. Reclaim a deeper sense of fulfillment:

  • Rediscover yourself & what truly matters to you – Your Spark!
  • Reclaim your dreams
  • Make clear, aligned choices for change
  • Refresh your momentum in an inspired direction

Find Your Joy Within Reach

  • 6 Mastermind Meetings
  • 6 Inspirational Interviews
  • 6 Coaching Circles
  • 6 Open Q & A Sessions
  • Joy PlayBook

Enjoy special privilege of:

  • Lifetime Membership to Private
    Client Circle


Group + Private Coaching

You receive Silver Privileges

~ Plus ~

You will enjoy 5 private coaching sessions with Reina to amplify your experience, to gain deeper clarity and to enhance forward momentum towards true joy and fulfillment.

You are invited to attend a 2-day in person “Joie de Vivre” retreat providing you the opportunity to reconnect more deeply with your heart. At the retreat, you’ll receive your own Joy in a Box® self-care kit.


Group + Private Coaching with EVOX

You receive Gold Privileges

~ Plus ~

You will enjoy 4 additional private coaching sessions with Reina using Evox.

Evox is an advanced perception reframing tool that helps to reframe limiting perceptions that may be hindering a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment, at both conscious and subconscious levels.

You will also be invited to a follow on group conversation with inspirational interviewees when
you can pose specific questions.

Side-by-Side Comparison
6 Mastermind Meetings
6 Inspirational Interviews
6 Coaching Circles
6 Open Q & A Questions
Joy Within Reach Playbook
5 Private Coaching Sessions
2-Day Retreat
Joy in A box Self-Care Kit
Follow-On Conversation with Inspirational Interviewees-Learn More About Their Journey to Receive Customize Tips & Advice for Your Specific Situation
4 Private Coaching Sessions with Evox

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