More than a coach, a catalyst

Working With Reina

Life is too short for guilt, regrets, and bad wine.

– Reina Bach -

It’s also too short for fear, feeling unfulfilled... for leaving a drop of luscious wine in the bottle.

You sense it and, in your heart, you know it: Life’s too short for the guilt you hide away, thinking you shouldn’t feel lost, joyless, or unfulfilled. It’s too fleeting for holding onto hollow comfort or fearing that you’ve buried your passions so deep you may never find them again. I encourage you to trust your senses and your heart. Let me help you move to a gratifying new place of fearless, guilt-free fulfillment.

More than a coach,

I’m Your Catalyst.

I’m a trained chef and sommelier, which for decades has informed my work as the catalyst for change in my clients’ lives. When I bake bread or make a hearty soup that’s seasoned just right, I know the artistic alchemy of cooking makes food palatable, aromatic, and satisfying. As your coach and catalyst, I can help you move into all that’s sweet and satisfying. I can help you restore your appetite for good things ahead.


Identify your mission
Craft a plan
Remove barriers to achieving your goals
Help you gain confidence in your mission
Execute the plan

I’ll guide you or your team through a customized program of topics that may include

  • Communicating for results
  • Work-life harmony
  • Leading change
  • Executive presence
  • Mindfulness
  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Staying inspired amid challenges
  • Finding joy within reach
  • Emotional genius
  • Bolstering self-concept
  • Creating a career that works
  • Personal value discovery
  • Developing harmonious relationships