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About Reina Bach

Reina Bach is the Owner and Founder of Reina Bach International. She is a professional speaker, author, trainer and certified leadership coach.

Reina has a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Her international clients include Oracle, Lockheed Martin, EPA and Merck. I have also worked with Securities Exchange Commission, the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice to name a few. She has been a featured leading expert in the media, including the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune She specializes in empowering her clients to easily move past a life lived on auto-pilot which includes hiding from their own authentic truth and voice. As a result, they experience a full on life filled with vibrant joy, unbridled freedom, and unlimited self-expression.

Whether Reina is speaking to a group of twenty or hundreds, she ignites the atmosphere with her vibrant personality, ability to connect with the entire audience, and proven game changing methods.

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Resuscitate Your Life: 3 Secrets to Leap into a Vision that Lights You Up… and Create a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

  • An essential mindset shift that positively change show you value your time, knowledge and energy.
  • The keys to shift negative relationships now and create connections that build you up rather than bring you down.
  • The must-have powerful secret that ensures you can easily and quickly realize your
    greatest goals and dreams – even if you have tried before.
"Reina is unmatched when it comes to insightfulness, creative problem-solving and her knack for understanding what is needed."
Jo Singel
"Reina is awesome! Great facilitator. Very engaging. Worked to keep everyone engaged and involved."
Rick Messier
“Reina has a wonderful presence in front of the group. She has a relaxed presentation style and is able to really connect with the audience.”
Linda Bedinger

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