Level Up

    Your Leadership


    Your Life?

    It's time.

    You've been thinking about what's next.
    You're ready to break out, break free from the weight of the past and of the 'shoulds'.
    You want to feel more alive, on purpose, connected to yourself.
    Are you willing to explore the possibility of more Joie de Vivre?

    You can do it.

    And I’m here to help you along the way.

    It's never too late to craft the life

    You envision for yourself.

    Without a doubt, you’ve achieved so much already. Give yourself permission to acknowledge all you’ve done and all you are — you deserve it. But don’t stop there. Pull up a chair and I’ll provide support and guidance to help stir your soul again. Together, we’ll plan your steps toward facing challenges head-on and fulfilling your dreams starting now.

    I believe every woman can design a personal and professional life that’s deeply joyful and rewarding. Come join me at the table. Let’s make it happen together.

    Discover yourself.

    Your life might be good (or really good from an outsider's perspective), but what if you want it to be truly amazing? What if you want to get unstuck or off autopilot and feel more alive, vibrant, fulfilled, and joyful?

    Taking this short quiz can help you pinpoint where you want to feel more energized and engaged in your life. Plus, you’ll get some specific tips on how to raise your joie de vivre – your zest for life!

    Find Your True North

    “True fulfillment is not only a Mindset, but a Heartset.” ~ Reina Bach

    But what is Joie de Vivre? What is deep fulfillment?

    Level In to Level Up

    Joy (Joie de Vivre) is a perspective that's foundational, and one you can develop. It's always present, regardless of what’s happening in your life. It’s not all belly laughs nor is it a fleeting elevated emotional state. Rather, it’s a deep ocean of serenity and stillness that regardless of what’s happening on the surface of the water (around you in your life), you have this deep calmness to tap into at any time. It gives you the ability to celebrate 'life’s smallest of moments'.  Who wouldn't want to be able to see and experience what's working, what's exhilarating in the moment – at work, at home, in challenging situations, in times when we need it most?

    Fulfilling Your Purpose with Joy

    is a Choice.

    Every moment presents an opportunity for you to define your life. Your habits, behaviors, actions, and thoughts create your experience. The question is: Are You Ready for Joy?

    These days, the lines between work and life are blurred. We work from home, we manage our lives as a collective experience. Choosing joy means surrendering to your soul. At the deepest of levels, it means giving yourself permission to live life with your eyes, not those of anyone else. It means being who you came here to be at your core. What lights you up? Feeding your bliss fuels your fulfillment which creates your vast reservoir of lasting joy and peace.

    You Are Worthy.

    No matter what beliefs you hold or paradigms running in the background, you deserve an abundant, happy, fulfilling life as a leader and as a human. Plain and simple.

    Are You Ready to Elevate Your Impact, to Expand Your Legacy, to Level Up Your Life?

    If so, let’s go!

    " Developing mindfulness to what's working for yourself, your team, your organization, and your loved ones will elevate your perspective, your creativity, and your impact.” ~ Reina Bach

    Say Yes to You!

    Your mind and executive functioning brain help you organize, make action plans, and get stuff done. But your mind is only a part of you. Your mind cannot tell you what brings you joy. Joy is a feeling, and your heart tells you what brings you joy. You feel it, you sense it.

    A key component of working with me is to help you get out of your head and into your heart. Diving into your senses – being more present and noticing your experience (with a glass of wine, a good meal, a walk in nature, and more) turns off your mind and opens your heart space. Listening deeply to your heart while quieting the chatter of your mind is essential to obtain deep fulfillment and lasting joy. Together, we also address any limiting beliefs or ‘old tapes’ that may be sabotaging your efforts.

    As you read this, your mind might throw up some red flags for fear of being set aside for good. Not to worry because it’s a ‘yes’ to both your heart and your head to actualize your joy.

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