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Mojo = Self-Confidence from the Inside Out



Balance = Mindfulness, Self-Care and Managing Commitments

Got JOY?

Joy = Higher Vibration through Authentic Self-Expression



Wine = A Gift of the Earth with Nuance and Vitality


What Is A Life Coach?
Who is Coaching For?

The field of coaching has been around for about 20 years and still, people wonder what it is we “life coaches” do.

Coaches forward evolution.  We serve as midwifes, assisting our clients along their paths to discover, reconnect,  and actualize.  Our clients do the work… we ask the questions.  We hold up a mirror and walk side-by-side with our clients as they navigate the tides and find their shore… their sure selves.

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Tune in for our Podcasts and monthly Women, Wine and Leadership for relevant topics.

Needing to Make a Change?

Feeling compelled to make a change in your life?  Maybe you know what and how, but need support.  Maybe your’re not sure where to start.  I can help.

Searching for Path, Purpose, Passion?

You’re not alone if you said yes to any of these.  I’d love to help you along your path.


We are all connected.  Yet, why is it that sometimes we feel utterly alone in the world?  A friend of mine who I’ve known for 16 years had a baby a year ago.  She and her partner weren’t married and gave it a go.  She sold her house and bought a larger one...


“Working with Reina was a very positive, life-changing experience.  We had a one-hour conversation that changed my life so much for the better.  With Reina I created a life plan.  I now understand the concept of owning my life.  I create the life I want for myself.  Reina got me to tilt how I look at life.  The experience was life changing.”


Senior Director, Global Aerospace Firm

“Working with Reina helped me to reassess the things that were most important to me in my life.  She helped me to accept the things that I can’t change and most importantly to understand that my attitude and outlook are the things that I can always control if I choose to.  Time and time again when I feel stuck or overwhelmed in something that I’m doing, I go back to a specific conversation with Reina and I remember what she said, ‘laugh a little and remember that feeling love and gratitude overcome fear and anger every single time’.  I think Reina intuitively knew that it was the best solution for me .”


President, Global Engineering Firm

“Reina has a wealth of knowledge and does a great job of listening and then drawing what’s needed for the client from her vault of experience.  Not all clients are the same and I feel that she is great at differentiating between her clients based on their strengths and weaknesses.”


Battalion Chief, City Fire Authority

About Me

Have you ever tried to live your life to fit into a someone else's idea of who you should be - for whatever reason?  Have you denied who you are in order to please others?  If so, sometimes you reach a point in life - a gift that shifts that perspective.

After years of living an 'ideal' life, I woke up one day and realized I had been asleep in my own life.  Losing a friend in 9-11, one of sweetest souls I've ever known, was my wake up call.  I pulled a total life etch-a-sketch: quit my job, sold my house, got rid of most of my stuff, and checked many items off of my bucket list, including completing a six-month chef program at The French Culinary Institute in New York.

Through my travels, I fell in love with the effortless ability of the French to enjoy life’s smaller moments… that joie de vivre.  Could this way of life open the door to the soul, spark the feeling of aliveness?  Perhaps yes.

A Few Credentials ~ 30 years of experience; MA I/O Psych, Undergrad Engineering; Lots of certifications in assessment instruments; coaching certifications from Georgetown Universtiy and The Center for Creative Leadership;  Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Liberty Leadership Group

Reina Bach

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