Heels Up! Community

Heels Up! Community

Ready to Relax, Put Your Feet Up, Sit Back and Sip?

Enjoy wine and want to learn more about it in a casual virtual setting?

Do you enjoy having meaningful conversation over a glass of wine?

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Heels Up! is a virtual community of professional women who enjoy having a good conversation over a glass of wine. We come together to support one another, ask questions, answer questions, listen deeply and support one another on topics such as relationships, motherhood, abundance, success, legacy, next inspired professional steps, identifying what matters in this season of life, finding life harmony and cadence, and so on. Each of these topic categories have many sub-topics. For each conversation, I’ll solicit your ideas on what we want to bring to the forefront.

“To truly taste a wine, you must be out of your mind.” ~ Reina Bach

I’ll kick off each conversation with a wine for that session. I’ve studied wine for years and am fascinated by all that goes into crafting a bottle of wine… the soil, the aspect, the amount of rainfall, the environment in the vineyard, how the grapes are harvested… to how long the must is fermented and at what temperature, does it rest on the lees, is it aged, and so on.

“Wine is art from the earth, with a dash of brilliance.” ~ Reina Bach

For several years, I’ve tried to find the right supplier of wines for what is now the Heels Up! community. Winemakers around the world can add many chemicals along the way from pesticides (no good for us or the earth) to unhealthy additives in the finished product. It was important to find just the right match for Heels Up! and I found it.

When joining the conversation, you can drink your favorite beverage (wine, water, tea, whatever), you can check out our monthly tasting list and find a similar bottle locally, or you can buy these clean crafted wines from Scout & Cellar that we’ll be tasting.

Heels Up! Wine Tasting Line Up:

June 2023 – May 2024

We meet on the 4th Thursday from 5-6pm mountain time except November (3rd Wednesday).

June 22nd: Oso Pardo Rosé, Spain
July 27th: Ligado Sauvignon Blanc, Chili
August 24th: Che Fico Pinot Grigio, Italy
September 28th: Veinte Malbec, Argentina
October 26th: Nest Chardonnay, California
*November 22nd: Conte de la Terre Pinot Noir Washington State
December 28th: Ticklebumps Sparkling Rosé, California
January 25th: Middle Jane Zinfandel, California
February 22nd: Gallivant Chardonnay, California
March 28th: Dove Hunt Cabernet Sauvignon, California
April 25th: Oso Pardo Garnacha, Spain
May 23rd: Mixtrack Rosé, Inizi Collaboration, California

*Note: The cart is fully customizable so you can delete and add wines to your taste. What’s fun about our monthly conversations over a glass of wine is learning to ‘be’ with the wine… to stop, be present with yourself and with your glass of wine.

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