Level Up! Joy One Day Workshop

Level Up! Joy

Feeling like you’ve lost the zest in your step? Does life feel like it’s on autopilot? Would you like to reconnect with the You who’s more light, bubbly, engaged and alive?

What is Level Up! Joy

Level Up! Joy is a one-day workshop in person (though you can also join virtually). We’ll dive in to explore where you are experiencing joy in your life and where you are not. Through a cadence of learning, self-reflection, individual exercises, and group sharing, you will shape your life with the intention of being engaged and aligned with your “Signature Passions”, “Signature Purpose”, and “Signature Trust”. We’ll focus on integrating heart and head, body and soul, all the senses for a fun and enlightening experience.

What Problems Does Level Up! Joy Solve?

Many people live “numbed-out” lives, and maybe this is you in some or several areas of your life. Our lives can become repetitive, filled with routines, habits, structures and having us do the same things over and over, devoid of excitement and enjoyment. Light Up! Joy will help you identify the gaps between feeling stuck, numb or lost and feeling a zest for your life again and what will provide deeper sense of fulfillment for you.

Program Components

Your Signature Passions and Purpose

  • Identify the where, what, who, how, why you feel most energized
  • Recalibrate your values
  • Affirm what matters to you – now
  • Being an Intentional Participant feeds and waters your deep seeds daily
  • Being an Intentional Observer creates a moment-to-moment awareness, engages you with the present and reveals the impact of choices you make

Your Signature Trust Through Change

  • The dynamics of change
  • Identify your roadblocks, including fear and mindset
  • Giving yourself permission
  • Letting go of the old to let in the new
  • Your Internal Green Light empowers you to live your best life as your best self
  • Notch-Up Risk delivers a freedom that redirects your fear to energize your life

Concrete Results

  • You will identify an area of your life you want to shift at work and/or in your personal life to feel more joyful and fulfilled.
  • You will examine ways to align your choices with your desired outcomes.
  • You will expose potential barriers to your living a more joyful, zestful life.
  • You will walk away with strategies, tips, tools, practices to start moving toward the life you want to experience.

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