It can be lonely at the top and trust can be a diminishing resource. Having an outside objective thinking partner often suits executives facing pressure from many angles. Whether you are an experienced executive or a new executive, I’m here as your coach to partner with you as someone who has worked with the highest levels of leadership in both the corporate and federal sectors.

Most of us realize the challenge of trying to compartmentalize our personal lives and our professional lives. At no time in recent history has this become more apparent given current world circumstances. Many of us are working from home, trying to navigate sufficient boundaries between our personal and professional commitments and activities. The lines between have become more blurred as we host virtual meetings from our home offices in our sweatpants (or pajamas!), offer care and support to family members, and even homeschool our kids. Whatever your situation as a leader, you are most likely facing the compounded stress of life today and/or you are leading others who are facing similar challenges.

We can work together as you like. Each engagement is customized to meet your needs. If it makes sense, you and I can incorporate a variety of leadership assessments (self and 360) to identify your strengths, development areas. I have an extensive leadership toolkit, from traditional to the non-traditional, from head to heart. We’ll talk about where you are currently and where you want to go, create a tailored action plan designed to realize your dream – professionally, personally, or both – from a holistic perspective.

For some peace of mind, I’ve logged thousands of hours coaching leaders over the years. I am a Certified Leadership Coach through both Georgetown University and The Center for Creative Leadership and certified in many assessments (self and 360). I bring my own personal experience as an executive, recruiter, marketing professional, sales professional and consultant. I bring in the fact that I’ve reinvented myself several times over the span of my career. I am your strategic partner at the ready.

Let’s see if coaching is the right tool to help you level up your career, your impact, your legacy, and your life and if I’m the right person to support you on your journey.